About Us

Joshua Louder and Phoebe Lane are an Australian couple, who share a love of travel.

Meet Josh

Josh was born on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and travelled around a lot of Australia with his family when he was younger. After his first overseas trip to Fiji the travel bug slowly but surely infected him and he’s now explored Europe, Central America, USA, New Zealand and Indonesia. When he’s not travelling he works as a producer for a major tv network in Sydney and is a national water skier. Josh doesn’t think curiosity killed the cat and he’s willing to try (pretty much) anything at least once.

Meet Phoebe

Phoebe was born on the Central Coast, north of Sydney. Her first experiences of travelling consisted of holidays up to a beach shack on the NSW north coast. She studied Theatre/Media in the country town of Bathurst, and to further her studies she travelled to Thailand (twice!) to live in hill tribes and research children’s theatre across cultures. Her passion for travel grew from there. She loves sampling and often devouring the culinary delights of many cultures, countries, cuisines. When Phoebe isn’t vagabonding she’s practicing her craft as an actor, or working in film, tv and theatre production. She currently works as a producer for Opera Australia.

So, why Life in the Louder Lane?

Because it’s Joshua LOUDER and Phoebe LANE – duh!